Like the butterfly

Whether you’re 25 or 85  you can be free to be you.  You can find and embrace your amazing self—the God designed person you really are.  You can tune out the critics—both the ones inside your head the ones outside who ding away at your self-esteem. You can risk daring greatly.  And you can wake up in the morning without the fog.

I’m no stranger to foggy mornings and listening to the inner voice that says, “I’m not enough,”   ”Who do I think I am?”    ”Why did I ever think I could do this?  Truth be told, we’re all vulnerable to what our culture says we are supposed to be.  For women it’s_______________and for men it’s______________  according to to social researcher, Berne Brown.

In Free to Be You,I want to share my passion for breaking free from the shaming messages both within and without that keep us bound–keep us hidingunder the radar lest we be found wanting.  Lest we be judged by others as unworthy of connection and belonging.

On the other hand, Free to Be You, is also about changing our stories going forward.

Everyone has pivotal moments when you realize that you can’t remain the same.

Maybe your moment happened through a crises–a job loss, a divorce, the death of a spouse, a health challenge, an undeniable addition, or just the empty nest or retirement.

Or aybe life is just “ho hum”.  You want to change your journey going forward, but you feel stuck.

If you’re like many people that I know, myself included, you want fewer covered in catepillar days.  You want MORE freedom from shame attacks and debilitating thoughts and emotions.    You want to tune out the critics—both the ones inside your head and the ones outside your skin who say you aren’t enough–smart enough, young enough,  too much of this and not enough of that.     You’d like to stay focused on your God given ability and potential, so that you can spread wings and flyabove it more of the time.

If that’s you, and you’d like a friend/mentor/coach/ and fellow traveler along the way,  I want to share the journey with you.   In my 40+ years as a counselor/coach serving primarily the faith community,  I’m no stranger to “down days” and “stuck times.”  In fact, launching Free to Be You was a huge “stuck time” for me.


We’re all on a shared journey of imperfect progress toward finding and enjoying who we really are—beloved of  God, highly favored and deeply loved.  

None of us has arrived.

So we can take off our masks and stop pretending.

We can be real and be loved at the same time.

We can do it together.




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