wake up without the fog

Be Free


  • from shame attacks,
  • from bitterness,
  • from fear, anxiety, and worry,
  • from lie-based thinking

We all have  pivotal moments when we realize that we can’t remain the same.  

        Maybe your moment happened through a crises-

  •    a job loss, a divorce, the death of a spouse, a health challenge, or depression.

Or maybe your moment was simply realizing that you needed help to 

  • find direction in your life
  • knowing who you are , and where you’re going

If that’s you, and you’d like a friend/mentor/coach/ and fellow traveler along the way,  I can help.



In my 40+ years as a counselor/coach serving primarily the faith community,  I’m no stranger to “foggy mornings” and “stuck times.”  In fact, launching Be Free was a major “stuck time”.

Truth be told,

  • stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown world of podcasting and blogging freaked me out.
  • I’ve been a counselor/coach for over 40 years, but when it comes to all things internet related, I’m a  child.  My 7 year old granddaughter  is more adept than I am.
  • As I tried to launch this website, I kept hearing that snarly voice inside say, “You can’t do this technology stuff.  You’re too old.  Your brain can’t create anymore.  You wrote a book once, but it’s been too long ago.  It’s time to hang it up.  Be realistic!!”  (Read more about my story in the free ebook . )


. We all face times when we feel helpless and hopeless, forgetful of our giftedness and fearful that our deepest fears about ourselves may be true.

  • No matter how together we may appear on the outside, we can allow lie-based thinking to keep us from being the amazing people God designed us to be.
  • We’re all on a shared journey of imperfect progress.


  • let’s help one another.
  • let’s take off our masks and stop pretending. 
  • We can be real and be loved at the same time.


My desire is to share my journey of imperfect progress and to hear about yours.  I’d love to share solutions — what helps and what hasn’t helped.

Though I am a counselor by profession, Be Free is not counseling.  The suggestions that I offer are not meant to take the place of counseling.  I do keep limited hours for counseling available in my Gilbert office (see contact page).  But, Be Free is just what it says it is–free.

My plan is to blog weekly.  And, as I get the hang of it, pod cast weekly as well.  The blog will be a preview of what to expect on the podcast.


Here are topics we will cover in the coming weeks.\

Be Free from:

  1. shame-based thinking
  2. anxiety, fear, and worry
  3. grieving over losses
  4. poor self-image
  5. from lies about who you are and what you can become. 
  6. other topics include:
  • Be Real….the virtues of vulnerability and taking off the mask.
  • Be Bold…facing your fears and learning to speak-up with clarity and confidence.
  • Be Connected…learning how to built extraordinary relationships through the art of listening and vulnerable sharing.
  • Be Anchored….living out of the loving, all-powerful, indwelling presence of God living on the inside.


If you want to enter the conversation, here are a couple of questions that we can talk about.

  1. What are you hearing me say so far that gets your attention?
  2. What would you like to be free from?
  3. What is one thing that has helped you get free?
  4. When you think about how God thinks about you, what do you hear him say?




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